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Bolin is my new favorite character

Fri May 11, 2012, 10:52 AM
I mean, seriously. He's such a sweetheart.
:iconmysticbynd: and I were talking, and we decided that Mako is the type of guy that you'd want to get jiggy with, but Bolin is the type you'd actually want to date.
Mako is a fairly nice guy, but he's also a bit of a drama llama, and angsty.
Bolin is ridiculously nice, is totally fine with being saved by a girl, has a great sense of humor (Those pecs! Dat ass!) AND he's great with animals.  Bad point?  He may be bad with money.


Obviously, I've been watching a ton of 'Legend of Korra' recently. It's awesome. Why would I not?
Other anime/manga that I've been keeping up with (and possibly drawing fanart of) incluuuuuuude

1) Hyouka
2) Sankarea
3) Tsuritama
4) Kaleido star

1) Fairly mellow school-life anime, kinda. It's odd. When I try to explain what's actually going on, it sounds so booooring, but actually watching it is super interesting. The art and animation is gorgeous. Plot-wise, it's about a guy who likes to use as little energy as possible. (If something needs to be done, I'll do it with the minimum required energy, as quickly as possible) He meets a girl who is curious about everything. He's quite intelligent, and she interprets that as 'magical detective skills'   
There are some amazing moments where metaphors are animated. Like... 'Busy posters, all clamoring for attention and yelling their messages' actually become kanji and letters pouring out of the wall and flooding the hallway.

2) Boy likes zombies. His cat dies. He tries to resurrect it. He meets a girl who has a freaky home life. The human interaction somehow seems more genuine... like... I can see myself reacting in such a way, or saying that sort of thing, instead of a lot of animes that have over dramatic reactions and 'do your best!' speeches. I fell in love with the main character's appearance.  It IS a zombie anime, but not zombie-survival or zombie-apocalypse.

3) Boy has very few social skills, and has panic attacks (animated in the form of water flooding around him and drowning him) When he's freaked out, he makes a demon-like face that alarms people. He moves to a new home and meets an alien.  The show is about fishing and aliens, but is a lot less crackish than it sounds. Things make a weird sort of sense, and again, the animation style is gorgeous. GORGEOUS!!

4) An older series, the animation has the same semi-awkward quality as something like Fruits Basket, and the english voice acting makes me want to bang my head against a pointy rock, but the plot somehow intrigues me. About a girl who keeps flip-flopping between being super determined to prove herself, and giving up entirely. Most secondary characters are total douchnozzles, but some become likable. The story revolves around a Japanese girl who flies to America to try out for a position in the Kaleidostage, which is something like the Cirque du Soleil. (Yes, I had to look up how to spell that)

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